PaleoEthics Surge Preworkout Energizer


Pack Size: 131 g

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PaleoEthics Surge has everything you need to boost your body’s natural energy reserves before a workout. Featuring green tea extract to help increase your body’s metabolism. Making it through your workout without crashing won’t be an issue any more.

Directions: 1-2 scoops per day

Ingredients: Bee Pollen Powder, Asian Ginseng Root Extract, Royal Jelly Powder, Guarana Seed Extract, Maca Root Extract, Organic Beet Root Powder, Cranberry Juice Powder, Elderberry Fruit extract, Organic cinnamon Bark Powder, Hawthorn Leaf and Flower Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Green Tea Leaf extract, Bitter Orange Fruit extract, Stevia, Lemon Juice.